Global Conference on Integrated Care 2018

Integration is a buzzword on everyone's lips. There is a worldwide trend in healthcare reforms to reorganize care in a more coordinated and integrated fashion. A seismic wave of changes are happening all over the globe across all sites and levels of care - in the office space of a general practitioner, merger of programs within a community care provider, and in hospitals - to enhance process and increase value. Unfortunately, the successes and innovations of these reforms often remain local, unheard and unspoken of, with no platform for sharing and discussion. Hence, the prospect to integration remains conceptual, elusive and ungraspable.

To “materialize” integration and witness its effects on systems, providers, professionals and patients, we are holding the Global Conference on Integrated Care (GCIC) again at the Resorts world Convention Centre in Singapore from 1st February 2018 to 3rd February 2018. This Conference brings together health and social care experts, practitioners, professionals and policy makers under one roof, to present and discuss an array of topics related to integrated care. It provides the platform for the sharing of best practices and experiences that we can bring back to our organizations.

The Conference Theme – “Advance! Accelerating the Integration of Care” – emphasises the urgency of our efforts to transform health and social care. Three broad areas will be discussed:

  • Care Integration in Practice will showcase innovative models of successful care integration in various parts of the world, focusing on the crucial elements that led to success.
  • Enabling Integrated Care will highlight the importance of enablers that can spur care integration, including the judicious use of regulation, the role of financing reform, the increasing importance of technology, and the role of community and private sector partners.
  • Finally, Transcending Boundaries in Integrated Care highlights the importance of cross-disciplinary collaborations in delivering truly effective integrated care.

The journey to transform our care ecosystems is difficult and challenging. It can be resource-intensive and requires collaboration from many stakeholders. The efforts to improve quality care outcomes take time to show tangible results. Yet, with the ageing population and rising burden of chronic conditions, it is critical for us to learn quickly so we can catalyze our organizational reforms. The lessons from real-world projects and programmes, though contextual, are valuable to a wider audience and guide us towards the right direction.

Join us at GCIC 2018, to accelerate the integration of care.

Who should attend?

  • Clinicians, health and social care practitioners
  • Healthcare administrators
  • Academics and researchers

Why attend?

  • Learn from local and international experts.
  • Exchange ideas and experiences on innovative approaches to integrated care, care models, and technology
  • Network with fellow practitioners and industry professionals